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Inspiration #6


May. The month I love with all my heart. #inspiration #summer #flowers #gentlewoman #lilac #purple #studio

The wood watch and the playground ( click the picture)

Wood_watch1_ Wood_watch2_ Wood_watch3_ Wood_watch4_ Wood_watch5_

Hey guys and gals, I'm so happy I'm starting my blogging year with this post, who's waiting his turn since a few months ago. Procrastination, we all hate you, and still we all embrace you... Coming back to this moment, over the past months I've learned that things will happen when is the time to happen and this, my friends, is the best example: starting a new year with the perfect time counter "gadget". I really believe that "momentum creates momentum" and what a better way to count moments do you know beside a watch? I must confess, I didn't know anything about wood watches until the moment when they write me to present their products and, bang, I fell in love in a minute, and the rest ( ordering, wearing it) is history. Now, as my new year resolutions include also a part of "giving more", here it is, starting right now, I'm giving you the chance to win a wood watch for yourself. Actually I'm giving you the chance to win a 120$ gift certificate + free shipping, so that you can choose your own style and color. All you have to do is: click wood watches site, copy the code you received, and then, enter here: a Rafflecopter giveaway You have time until 25 of January and then, a few days later, I will announce the winner. Good luck and don't forget: "Is it tea time already?" Love! #jord watches #wood watch #giveaway #inspiration #studio

Rainy day mood


#shooting #rain #studio #beauty #claudia benu