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The story of a dress


The Couture Fashion Week just ended and seeing the collections makes me wonder: do we realize how much work involves a single garment? Yes, we do, you would say immediately, and so do I, but, seeing the movie Chanel did to empower their couture collection made me realize we don't have a clue. We think we know, but do we really? Take this dress, for example, how many hours did they spent sewing all these applications, how much precision you need to make it look perfect? How much attention invested, how much energy? How much power has this single garment received?

And that makes me wonder again, do this energy goes with the dress to the rich ( and mainly old) woman who purchased it? Do you think that the one who's buying it feels this energy by wearing it or by simply own it? I mean is she feeling the power given by the love, the sweat, the time and the vision those little fingers invested in it?

I do, she feels it! I think that's the real value, not the money spent on it. And I think the real couture consumer is paying for art, not for another piece of clothing. Because this is what couture is, art!

(picture taken during Paris Fashion Week, October 2011, Paco Rabanne presentation)
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