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Inspiration #7


Taken by my friend Sorin Badea in Budapest, Hungary. Don't you just love old buildings? #inspiration #buildings #lifestyle #budapest

Perfumes, scents and fragrances ( video)


If you visited this blog in the past years, you probably know about my friendship with Beautik Haute Parfumerie ( here and here), and the fact I looove to spend time there. Now ( well, actually last autumn), I visited them and decided to make myself a present. The perfume is such a personal experience, that I strongly believe it should be chosen by us directly and not received as a gift. Doesn't matter how well the "giver" knows us and our way of living, our sense of smell is emotional and we buy fragrances not only because we like their smell but also because they reflect our personality. Here are a few things you need to know about perfumes, when searching "the right one."

Last but not least, I'm very curious: do you actually form opinions about people based on the fragrance they’re wearing?
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Social Media Summit


Last year around this time, I was invited to speak to Bucharest Social Media Summit, which I did and, felt great ( after I finished my speech, of course). Like I said before, being invited by a business magazine made me panic and think I wouldn't be able to deliver a good message, but I totally loved the experience. I'm writing this now cuz a new edition will take place next week and, if you're interested in finding new stuff about social media ( there is always something new or a new perspective), networking, find out how others did it, meet possible partners or sponsors, or just how to be more connected, you should definitely be there. I know I will. (Photo courtesy of Biz Magazine)

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Inspiration #3


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The Color Stalker meets Ioana Ciolacu (video)


This is Ioana Ciolacu, who is great, comes from Iasi, lives in Bucharest, shows her collections in Berlin and is one the most talented young (Romanian) designers. I’ve known her for a few years now and I really admire her creativity and the way she goes about her fast growing brand.
She is one of those people who really shows that there are no limits when you follow your passions and it makes me admire her more. Did I also mention she has a sunny personality who just make people want to spend time with her? I know, one of a kind!
That being said, I thought you might be interested to enter a bit in her space, to find out regular stuff about her and to see me fooling around her studio, so here it is:

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Inspiration #2


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Inspiration #1


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