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Marie Nouvelle. The colors, the emotion, the energy


I knew Maria only from her online presence until one day, my friend Bianca introduced us. I’m gonna be honest, I was expecting to see a shy artist and a daydreamer, but Maria is much more than that. She is energy, she is determination, she is power and she is color.

I like to ask people about their color- I strongly believe that everyone has his own color, you know, like our way of being is related to a color; for example I think I’m yellow- I’m happy, optimistic, energized, solar . So I asked her as well, and she said she is purple, or turquoise. Which makes sense, but I think she is more like orange or red, cause she has this fire inside her, the fire of creation and the fire of succeeding. And it’s contagious!

We've met over a cup of tea to plan a video for her brand and we did this exercise to write down every word that’s coming to our mind when thinking of Maria’s art (and, of course, at her business of applied art). And you know what, it was so natural and organic that we kept and used them all. One is missing though. It was so obvious that we took it for granted, we did not mention it; nevertheless is everywhere, is the core of her business and what she transmits the most. It’s energy! Good energy.

I find it fascinating how everything starts with a white canvas and a brush, an emotion, and a thought and become a mix of feelings, energy, and good vibes. Enough talking, let’s watch the video and enter in the art mood. Don’t forget to visit her page and be prepared to be inspired every day, all the way.
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Perfumes, scents and fragrances ( video)


If you visited this blog in the past years, you probably know about my friendship with Beautik Haute Parfumerie ( here and here), and the fact I looove to spend time there. Now ( well, actually last autumn), I visited them and decided to make myself a present. The perfume is such a personal experience, that I strongly believe it should be chosen by us directly and not received as a gift. Doesn't matter how well the "giver" knows us and our way of living, our sense of smell is emotional and we buy fragrances not only because we like their smell but also because they reflect our personality. Here are a few things you need to know about perfumes, when searching "the right one."

Last but not least, I'm very curious: do you actually form opinions about people based on the fragrance they’re wearing?
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The color stalker meets Diane Pernet (video)


I'm so happy I had the chance to sit with Diane Pernet and talk about blogging, fashion films and perfumes. She is one of those rare people who can give you precious advices that doesn't feel like advices, but more as a conversation with your best friend. Also, she's one of those ( I admire so much) who's guiding herself, her passions and her business by instincts and by the "special something" she's finding in the creativity field.

Did you know she was, if not the first, one of the firsts who opened a fashion blog, in 2005 !!! Did you know that a fashion film can help a brand in terms of awareness and in terms of sales, too? Wait, what I am doing? Watch the interview, I'm not gonna spoil it up!

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