Spring and its perfumes

April 6th, 2014 17:57

Spring mood was activated, and what's better to do when new season is coming than to change things.
So, I decided to follow this spring's enchanting scents and search a new fragrance.
Like usual, I've visited my friends from Beautik Haute Perfumerie and couldn't be more happy with my findings:

Face care with Mediterranean wonders from Diptique,

to go with:

Rose fragrance coming from all around you: candles, hand cream and body cream,

to go with:

The most amazing diffuser, that will fit perfectly in my showroom,

to bring in all the this:

My old friend Joy by Jean Patou brought his newest sibling to play around! Now, I have two floral fiends,

to go with:

I left this one at the end on purpose. I now it's not summer yet and we have to pass through the spring to get there, but just imagine Indian summer: sexy sweat, sun, hot wind, breezy nights, and floral fragrance. This is it:

Can't wait for summer to be here again but, until then, we'll always have this:

Thank you Beautik for making my spring smelling so good!
If you want to literally refresh your life, pay them a visit. You won't regret a thing!

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