Perfumes and stories

August 5th, 2013 00:10

I was invited to a perfume shop. At least I thought so.
I went there, and I discover an entire world of stories.
I planned to stay there one hour, maybe two and I left the store after four or five hours, with a brand new perfume philosophy:
-I'm never ( well, almost never, as I've got some favorites there too, but I'm gonna stick to only one) gonna buy mass market perfumes;
- I know now ( yes, I know, silly me- everybody else already knew ) that there is an "Oscar" award of perfumes, who has the silliest name ever...but who am I to comment...
- At one point in my life I'm gonna buy the Queen Marie's perfume just to feel like royalty;
- I love how Francis Kurkdjian captured in a flagrance the "clean" smell; I'm telling smells like a clean fancy hotel room
-I love how "Mad Madame" from Juliet has a Gun made me feel (see the picture below)
- I love that the guys were telling stories to everybody who entered the store, not only to me;
- I love that I finaly found my perfume ( the one I'll always have, doesn't matter the seasons, trends or situations)
- I had so much fun and I know I'm gonna be a loyal customer.

Enjoy yourself with the video and pictures I did that day and visit them, you gonna love it!
Beautik Haute Parfumerie

Photos by: Iulian Iovanescu

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