La blouse roumaine - the story

December 2nd, 2012 09:27

I was just staying in line to check in my flight back from Paris Fashion Week when I saw a lady dressed in a super cool, gorgeous romanian long blouse.
I wanted to ask her for a picture and suddenly I lost her.
I was looking for her all my way to the plain, because I imagined we will be in the same flight, and, when I was the only person left, she came, but without the blouse on.
When I approached her, I mentioned she has the most beautiful romanian blouse ( dress) that I ever saw and I want a picture with her dressed like this.
She just pulled the blouse from her shoulders and said "I'll keep it this way, it's ok?"
It's more than ok, it's even better than having the blouse on, it's the focus point of the picture. :)

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